Certification Testing Laboratory Services for International Trade:

Empowering Quality Assurance

At ANHO, we understand the critical importance of compliance and quality assurance in global trade. That’s why we offer comprehensive certification and testing services to ensure your products meet the highest standards and regulatory requirements.

Our expert team is equipped with the latest technology and knowledge to conduct thorough inspections and assessments, covering a wide range of industries and products. From product safety to environmental sustainability, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Partnering with us means gaining access to reliable and efficient certification processes, helping you navigate the complex landscape of international trade with confidence. Trust us to deliver accurate results and peace of mind, enabling you to compete effectively in today’s global marketplace.

The testing laboratory strictly implements ISO 17025-2017 system management, and has advanced international analytical instruments such as GC-MS, ICP-OES, HPLC, A complete physical and chemical technology platform provides all-round services for government supervision and enterprises.

At present, the company’s main testing businesses are electronic and electrical products, toys and children’s products, textiles and related products, and food contact materials.

Physical and chemical testing such as chemical testing, metal and alloy element composition analysis, physical reliability testing, etc.